Moments with You Couples Devotional 12/13


Holy Terrors

He said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men." MATTHEW 4:19

Do you have a child with a strong will? When you look into his or her face and wonder where he or she is going in life, what do you envision?

Perhaps your child has instigated so many calls home from school that your number is on speed dial at the principal's office. Perhaps he or she has dared you to enforce so many different house rules and boundaries that your backbone has threatened to sue you for pain and suffering.

Perhaps you resonate with one of the chapter titles from Kendra Smiley's book Aaron's Way: Prison or Presidency: "Which Route Will They Take?" Kendra and her husband, John, can relate to the desperation you feel about your strong-willed child. But they would also tell you that they always knew God had a special plan in mind for their son, Aaron. They made it their plan and prayer that this boy, who caused them so much consternation throughout his childhood, would make good, godly, self-controlled decisions for himself by the time he reached high school. Like Jesus, who took one look at a handful of smelly anglers and saw in them "fishers of men," John and Kendra observed Aaron's maddening behavior and chose to see a bold, young leader—a real man in the making.

As a senior in high school, Aaron's Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter was barred from advertising in the school newspaper. So he turned his strong will into action, phoning a Christian legal advocacy group to put legitimate constitutional pressure on his school's policies. They fought. He won. And Kendra and John knew their labors had not been in vain.

There's hope, Mom and Dad. Hang in there. Do your job. Pray for your child. And don't be surprised one day if your headstrong headache turns into a champion for Christ who melts your heart!


What is your vision for your children? How can you pray and work at turning the negatives of their personalities into godly strengths?


God knows what He's doing—both in your child and in you. Keep going, and keep trusting.  

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Originally published December 13, 2018.