Moments with You Couples Devotional 10/6


The Gift of Children

How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. PSALM 127:5

For the most part, we raised all of our children the same way. Lived in the same house. Ate the same food. Passed around the same germs. But I'm convinced that if we had raised six more, they would all have been as different from each other as the first six have been.

Children are the most unique and creative of all God's gifts. And each one must be received this way—as God's unique gift to you.

Part of this gift means that you will be transformed into someone you'd never have become without them. It's a gift of spiritual growth and discovery, experienced each day as you relearn life through the eyes of your children.

For example, I would never have gone shopping for dresses with four daughters if God hadn't given them to me. I would never have attended high-school plays, science fairs or art shows or appreciated all the creativity and hard work that go into them. If not for six up-close, in-my-face reasons for stretching me beyond my normal backdrops and surroundings, I would have missed out on so much of what He wanted to show me and teach me.

Perhaps you're not seeing your children as gifts from God right now.

Perhaps, if you were honest, you'd admit that some of the activities your children are involved in don't interest you much at all. You have a hard time being as supportive and enthusiastic as you know you should be.

How about making a conscious decision to receive each child as God's gift to you? Know that He is working through him or her to do some work in you as well.


Is there a child who is different from you, one you have not embraced? How do your children take you out of your comfort zone? Talk about how you and your spouse need to grow.


Pray for a heart that's always open to the unique gifts of God. Give thanks for each of your children. 

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