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The Shield of Faith - Moments of Hope Devotional - March 21, 2019

Mar 21, 2019

The Shield of Faith
By David Chadwick

The enemy loves to sling fiery darts your way. They can come at you from anywhere and at any time.

They inflict great pain when they find their target. And if they are on fire, they can hurt you for a long time.

The purpose of the fiery darts is to increase your fear. They are the ultimate terrorist attack. If you don’t know when or where they come from, you can end up living in a perpetual state of dread. A low-grade fear can haunt you incessantly.

Fear was the first negative emotion mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 3:10). It was never a part of God’s original design for creation. It’s an evil intrusion that causes people to hide from God and never experience his presence and power.

That’s why you need to hold up the shield of faith. In Roman times, shields were designed to cover a soldier’s entire body. They protected him from all fiery darts.

But faith believes that God is in control of everything. It knows that God oversees your present and future. Nothing surprises him. And he’s working all things together for your good and his glory.

The enemy wants you to doubt God’s goodness. That’s why he uses fiery darts. He inflicts pain to make you doubt that God cares about you.

Make sure today that faith covers every area of your life. Be certain that you have entrusted everything to God.

God is present with you. Why fear? He will never leave you nor forsake you. What can the enemy do to you?

When fear knocks on your door, send faith to answer. When the door is opened, fear will be gone.

You are now able to live fear-free.

And enjoy life as God intended.

Stand strong in the attack

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  • Submit to God and let Him work it out for your good

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