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The More You Stir Manure - Moments of Hope Devotional - June 29, 2019

The More You Stir Manure
By David Chadwick

Dad had some catchy phrases on how to live life better.

Here is one I have never forgotten: The more you stir manure, the more it stinks.

Dad was counseling me about what to do when someone causes constant agitation and disagreement. You debate the problem endlessly with no seeming solution. Every word raises the decibel level. If you take a break and return to the debate, the anger level is still there.

That’s the problem Dad was trying to address. When this happens, Dad said that it is better to avoid the subject. Realize the fruitlessness of the discussion and talk about something else.

Dad was correct: The more you stir manure, the more it stinks.

Stop stirring it. Move on. Talk about something else. Or find a new friend.

Dad knew that sometimes this is the only pathway to peace.

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Originally published June 29, 2019.