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Take Your Vacation Days - Moments of Hope Devotional - August 24, 2019

Take Your Vacation Days
By David Chadwick

The Bible doesn’t say much about vacations. I can’t point to a chapter and verse that commands you to take vacation days.

But the Bible does have a lot to say about different festivals that faithful Jews were commanded to take part it. These events were embedded into their yearly calendars.

These various festivals were mostly remembrances of God’s faithfulness to his people. The Jews were adjured to go to Jerusalem, their holiest city. Once there, they would remember God’s ever-present help to them and worship their great God.

Not only would the Jews worship, they would also celebrate. They would eat, drink, and have fun. They would enjoy being with their old friends and family members from other parts of the nation. For several days, they would spend time away from their daily routines and enjoy something enjoyable and different.

Is it fair to compare these Jewish feasts and festivals to our vacation days? Perhaps not.

But, then again, maybe so. It seems to me that these set-aside Jewish festival days mirror our vacation days. And if God commanded them to be observed, they must have purpose.

Perhaps these Jewish festivals serve like vacation days.

America isn’t a theocracy like Israel was. It’s impossible for the American government to demand days or weeks of religious feasts dotting the calendar year.

But all employees do have vacation days granted by their employer. These days are given to help workers’ effectiveness. When taken, they can create memories that are seldom forgotten.

Vacation days need to be taken! They shouldn’t be optional. They are granted for a reason.

God built times of rest and fun into his yearly calendar for the Jews.

Wouldn’t you be wise to follow this example as well?

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