Get so Close They Can’t Kick You - Moments of Hope Devotional - June 19, 2019

Published Jun 05, 2019

Get so Close They Can’t Kick You
By David Chadwick

Dad knew that God never intended for people to live in isolation. But he also knew that as people lived in close proximity, they would hurt one another. Enmity would develop.

I asked my dad how to handle enemies. He said, “Son, get so close to them they can’t kick you.”

It was Dad’s way of following Jesus’s admonition to love your enemies and pray for your persecutors (Matthew 5:44). He knew the fruitlessness of returning evil for evil while also recognizing the fruitfulness of returning evil with good (Romans 12:20).

Dad taught that when it was possible, try to turn your enemies into advocates. Love them the way Jesus has loved you. You used to be his enemy, but now he calls you his friend (John 15:15).

Hopefully, your former enemy will no longer desire to kick you.

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