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Caring for the Poor in Leviticus - Moments of Hope Devotional - May 14, 2019

May 14, 2019

Caring for the Poor in Leviticus
By David Chadwick

Many think the book of Leviticus is boring and irrelevant for today. It’s not.

Throughout Leviticus, God is calling his people to be different from the selfish cultures surrounding Israel. It was his chosen’s holiness book.

It should be for Christians as well.

Over the last two weeks, we’ve seen how Leviticus relates to important subjects like forgiveness, loving your neighbor, right sexual mores, and being generous.

In chapter 25, there is an unmistakable clarion call for his children to care for the poor, marginalized, and alien. It reflects something that is repeatedly expressed in the Bible: God has a deep heart and compassion for the needy.

In this chapter, God demanded his people have ways of escaping indebtedness and indentured servanthood. He valued freedom. God’s people were adjured not to put fellow citizens in debt. He also wanted opportunities for people who had to sell property because of tough times to be able to repurchase it at a later time, after they had become more stable and prosperous. He desired many of these laws to be extended to the foreigner and sojourner as well.

God still loves the poor. Jesus said as we love them, we are loving him (Matthew 25:31-45). He wants his followers to continue to care for them as well.

That’s because Jesus knew this truth: You find your life by giving away your life.

And when you care for the poor, you’ve captured the heart of God.

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