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Ambition with integrity - Moments of Hope Devotional - August 31, 2019

Ambition with integrity
By David Chadwick

Have you ever struggled with ambition? I know I have. Sometimes it's possible to be so ambitious that you'll do illegitimate things to accomplish legitimate goals. At that point, ambition is destructive.

Yet we do want to accomplish marvelous deeds in our lives. How then do we acknowledge the good of ambition without the bad?

Here's a lesson I've learned. Ambition in itself isn't bad. Selfish ambition is bad. The desire to accomplish a great task isn't bad. It's bad only when I desire to receive all the glory.

How do we know the difference? It's when we are willing to do something illegitimately that our alarm bells should sound. At that moment, we are willing to compromise something good (our goals) for something bad (doing wrong to accomplish it). A willingness to sacrifice our integrity to accomplish a goal should never happen.

Be ambitious. Just don't sacrifice your integrity to fulfill your ambition.

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Originally published August 31, 2019.