Agree with Others - Moments of Hope Devotional - April 18, 2019

Apr 18, 2019

Agree with Others
By Marilynn Chadwick

I am fascinated by bottlenose dolphins, the most intelligent creatures in the ocean. Dolphins are easily trained and can reason, solve problems, think abstractly, and even recognize themselves in a mirror! They are also incredibly fast and powerful.

Stories abound of dolphins protecting humans against sharks, repelling them with high-speed battering-ram-like blows. My dad is one of the few living World War II submarine veterans. While on long, hot tours in the South Pacific, the sailors hoped to see dolphins so they could dive off the sub for a refreshing swim – sure to be safe from sharks.

Sharks steer clear of dolphins for another reason. Dolphins find safety in numbers by sticking together in groups, or pods.

But what could dolphins possibly have to teach us about prayer? Like dolphins, our trusted teammates can help us gain strength in prayer and defeat our spiritual enemies. The Greek word for “agree” is symphone (from which we get symphony), meaning “together with the same voice.” This same word can also be translated “music.”

Pause a minute and let Jesus’ words sink in:

“Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven” (Matthew 18:19 NIV).

My prayer partner and I “agree” in prayer almost daily. We pray first for our own husbands and children, gradually extending our petitions to those around us and even to the world beyond our own walls. Throughout the day, we’ll text prayer requests. Perhaps this kind of prayer sounds like music to God.

I am mystified as to why the prayer of agreement works. I just know from experience that it seems to ignite prayer with extra power. Perhaps the secret lies in Jesus’ promise that when two or three of us pray together in his name, he is there with us (Matthew 18:20).

Lord, I confess I sometimes live as though my spiritual life is a solo journey. I humbly confess to you that I need the body of Christ: for protection, for power in agreement, and sometimes to simply share the joy of knowing you.

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