Leaves of Life - September 30


  • George Whitefield died 1770.
  • William Hutton born 1723.
  • John Dollond died 1761.
Up, up, my soul, the long-spent time redeeming;
Sow thou the seeds of better deeds and thought;
Light other lamps while yet thy lamp is beaming—
The time is short.

Think of the good thou might'st have done when brightly
The suns to thee life's choicest season brought;
Hours lost to God in pleasure passing lightly—
The time is short.

If thou hast friends, give them thy best endeavor,
Thy warmest impulse, and thy purest thought,
Keeping in mind and words and action ever—
The time is short.

—Elizabeth Prentiss.

What is your life? For ye are a vapor that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.

—James 4. 14.

Loving Father, help me to realize that I am not living in the right way nor the right place if I am discontented, or happy in trifles and untruth. Help me to find my place, and with thy help may I stand firm and confident. Amen.

Originally published September 30, 2018.