Leaves of Life - October 26


  • Dr. Philip Doddridge died 1751.
  • Count Von Moltke born 1800.
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton died 1902.

One of the notable eddies of the present-day world currents is what has been loosely called the "Woman Movement." The sensitive and vicarious spirit of womanhood has been enlisted for service in behalf of those who have been denied a fair chance, or who are the victims of oppression, greed, and ignorance.

 —William T. Ellis.


And whether consciously or not, you must be in many a heart enthroned: queens you must always be: queens to your lovers; queens to your husbands and sons; queens of higher mystery to the world beyond, which bows itself, and will forever bow, before the myrtle crown, and the stainless scepter of womanhood.

 —John Ruskin.


O woman, great is thy faith: be it done unto thee even as thou wilt.

 —Matthew 15. 28.


Lord and Master of all, I pray that thou wilt make me see through my prejudices and beyond my desires to the very "top of my condition." May I not wait for places or circumstances that are dimly in the distance or that are near at hand, but accomplish the work I should do to-day. Amen.

Originally published October 26, 2018.