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Leaves of Life - October 16


  • Bishop Hugh Latimer burned at Oxford 1555.
  • Albrecht von Haller born 1708.
  • Noah Webster born 1758.
  • Robert Stephenson born 1803.

As ships meet at sea—a moment together, when words of greeting must be spoken, and then away upon the deep—so men meet in this world; and I think we should cross no man's path without hailing him, and if he needs, giving him supplies.
—Henry Ward Beecher.

Nothing is more unaccountable than the spell that often lurks in a spoken word. A thought may be present to the mind, and two minds conscious of the same thought, but as long as it remains unspoken their familiar talk flows quietly over the hidden idea.
—Nathaniel Hawthorne.

And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others?
—Matthew 5. 47

Heavenly Father, I pray that thou wilt give me a generous heart. May I not lose sight of the truth, that thou hast made others to have the same needs and wants that I may have. May I not through pride or egoism fail to help, and neglecting to speak, miss an opportunity to assist. May I be self-forgetful in friendly service. Amen.

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Originally published October 16, 2019.