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Leaves of Life - June 26


  • Archbishop Robert Leighton died 1684.
  • Dr. Philip Doddridge born 1702.
  • George Morland born 1763.

Why are we so glad to talk and take our turns to prattle, when so rarely we get back to the stronghold of our silence with an unwounded conscience?
—Thomas a Kempis.

I have read that those who listened to Lord Chatham felt that there was something finer in the man than anything which he said.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Speech is like the cloth of Arras opened and put abroad, whereby the imagery doth appear in figure; whereas in thoughts they lie but as in packs.

Keep thy tongue from evil,
And thy lips from speaking guile.
—Psalm 34. 13.

Tender Father, make me more watchful of the time that I give to useless thoughts and words, and save me from cutting words, which make deeper impressions than can be cut with sharp tools. Forgive me for the hours that have not been profitable; I would I had them back, for my heart and mind have need of them. Amen.

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Originally published June 26, 2019.