Leaves of Life - December 8


  • John Pym died 1643.
  • Richard Baxter died 1691.
  • Thomas De Quincey died 1859.
  • Elihu Burritt born 1810.
  • Robert Collyer born 1823.

Into the dusk of the East,
Gray with the coming of night,
This may we know at least—
After the night comes light!
Over the mariners' graves,
Grim in the depths below,
Buoyantly breasting the waves,
Into the East we go.

On to a distant strand,
Wonderful, far, unseen,
On to a stranger land,
Skimming the seas between;
On through the days and nights,
Hope in each sailor's breast,
On till the harbor lights
Flash on the shores of rest!

—J. H. Jowett.


So he bringeth them unto their desired haven.

—Psalm 107. 30.


Lord God, I pray that thou wilt provide me with thy indwelling peace. May it keep me reconciled to the decline of years, and enable me to bear the earthly separation from those whom I love. May I always have hope and trust in thee. Amen.

Originally published December 08, 2018.