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Leaves of Life - August 26


  • Sir Robert Walpole born 1676.
  • Adam Clarke died 1832.
  • Henry Fawcett born 1833.

Lord, for to-morrow and its needs

I do not pray;

Keep me, my God, from stain of sin

Just for to-day.

Help me to labor earnestly,

And duly pray;

Let me be kind in word and deed,

Father, to-day.

Let me no wrong or idle word

Unthinking say;

Set thou a seal upon my lips

Through all to-day.

Let me in season, Lord, be grave,

In season gay;

Let me be faithful to thy grace,

Dear Lord, to-day.

—Ernest Wilberforce.


And which of you by being anxious can add one cubit unto the measure of his life? 

—Matthew 6. 27.


My Lord, I pray that thou wilt control my life, and bless the going out of my work, be it ever so great or small. Help me to realize the necessity of earnestness, that I may "work while it is to-day," and I have the light, and not wait for the night, when it is too dark for work to be done. May I be faithful in my work until it is completed. Amen.

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Originally published August 26, 2019.