Leaves of Life - August 12


  • Robert Southey born 1774.
  • Francis Horner born 1778.
  • Edith Thomas born 1854.
  • Katherine Lee Bates born 1859.

Our restlessness in this world seems to indicate that we are intended for a better. We have all of us a longing after happiness; and surely the Creator will gratify all the natural desires he has implanted in us.
—Robert Southey.

Whenso my quick, light-sandaled feet
Bring me where Joys and Pleasures meet,
I mingle with their throng at will;
They know me not an alien still,
Since neither words nor ways unsweet
Of stored bitterness I spill;
Youth shuns me not nor gladness fears,
For I go softly all my years.

—Edith Thomas.

He hath swallowed up death forever; and the Lord Jehovah will wipe away tears from off all faces.
—Isaiah 25. 8.

Loving Father, help me to guard my inclinations. May I be able to appreciate that though I may be restless from ambition, I also may be restless through discontent. Correct my life, that my desires may meet the true demands of my soul. Strengthen me with the power of calmness, that "I may go softly all my years," even though I walk through the bitterness of sorrow. Amen.

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