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Leading The Way - Week of June 17

Week of June 17

Pride Undercover

Would you consider yourself a meek person? Or are you still unsure of what true meekness looks like? It may be helpful to know that most of the men and women who were biblical heroes of the faith had to learn meekness.

Meekness is not something that comes naturally; instead it is learned under the direction of the Holy Spirit. When Peter first met Jesus, he was not meek. Instead, he had his heart set on selfish ideas, but life with the Savior changed that. He never lost his sense of courage or confidence. However, Christ molded Peter’s personality so that he began to reflect the strength and mercy of God.

Another important aspect we need to consider is that godly meekness is different from human modesty. False meekness can be far more dangerous than bragging about all you have and all you can do. A false sense of meekness or modesty often is hard to detect. It is pride undercover and will usually be found in the lives of those who find it hard to accept God’s grace for their lives.

True meekness comes as a result of sincere devotion to the Lord. It is a fruit of the Spirit that He wants to develop in each of our lives. However, there is only one way to begin this journey and that is through prayer and personal dedication. It may also require facing a time of testing. Before Peter could serve, he had to learn how to be meek and humble.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I realize I need Your gift of meekness in my life. My greatest desire is not to serve myself but to serve You. My prayer is that You will develop in me a true sense of meekness so that others will see You living in me and be drawn closer to You.

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5).



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Originally published October 06, 2008.