Integrity Moments - September 6, 2017



The solar eclipse of August 21st created a business opportunity for many enterprising entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, opportunities for some, creates the need for greater discernment for customers.

As people scrambled to find eyeglasses that would allow them to watch the eclipse safely, some opportunists began selling fraudulent glasses.  Although my wife, Kathy, purchased some eclipse glasses from a trusted local store, after hearing about the fraud, I felt compelled to research the brand and the suppliers to assure they were legitimate.

When opportunists abound, a good prayer for us all comes from Psalm 119:66, “Teach me good discernment and knowledge, For I believe in Your commandments.”

When opportunists abound, even businesses that we’ve grown accustomed to trusting can be duped. Do your research and pray for discernment and knowledge.


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