Integrity Moments - October 26, 2017


God Honoring Plans

I remember how scared we were, back in 2013, the first time we created a One Page Plan for our company that included our mission, vision, values, and short-term goals. We devoted so much time to creating impressive PowerPoint presentations.

We didn’t know we could have used a napkin or an envelope and it still would have worked.

Despite our shallow understanding of a strategic business plan, we had a phenomenal year. Each year since then has been even better. We can set a right course for our company and foresee and overcome obstacles before we reach them.

Planning and using godly principles from a sincere, godly heart is a good thing that God honors. Like in Proverbs 12:5, “The plans of the Godly are just…” We've proved this over and over.

Today’s Integrity Moment is adapted with permission from the writings of Phillip Cohen.


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Originally published October 26, 2017.