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Integrity Moments - November 20, 2014



A Thankful Boss
By: Rick Boxx
November 20, 2014

Phil has been engaged in our ministry for awhile, so, I asked him why. He became choked up as he said, “Because this ministry has changed my life.”

Phil had been writing thank you notes to some key employees just that morning. He said, “Rick, two years ago I would’ve never written thank you notes, because I wasn’t thankful. I felt my employees owed me.”

He continued, “Through Integrity Resource Center, I’ve discovered that God has called me to be a shepherd to my team, not a tyrant. Now I’m thankful for my team.”

Paul wrote to the Christians at Philippi in Philippians 1:3, “I thank my God every time I remember you.”

If God has provided us with a team, we’re called to be thankful to God for each team member.

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Originally published November 20, 2014.