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Four Tips to Effective Meetings, Part I - Integrity Moments - June 18

Four Tips to Effective Meetings Part I

Priya Parker, author of “The Art of Gathering,” shared in a Wall Street Journal article four tips on conducting effective meetings. Let’s explore these tips this week.

The first tip is to “Set the Stage.” Ms Parker recommends that giving forethought to a meeting can change the culture of your gatherings.

Sometimes it can be as simple as jazzing up the name of your meeting, or you can set the tone before the meeting with a heartfelt email about the meeting’s purpose.

Jesus set the stage expectantly for His second coming. He wrote in Luke 12:40, “You too, be ready; for the Son of Man is coming at an hour that you do not expect.”

To have an expectant group at your next meeting, set the stage before the meeting.

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Originally published June 18, 2018.