Unconventional Questions - Integrity Moments - July 23

Unconventional Questions

An entrepreneur called me to seek my advice. His business was deeply in debt, cash flow had evaporated, and he needed to decide whether to persevere or close the doors.

This situation required some unconventional questions. So, I asked him, whether he believed God called him to start the business, and what did his wife think?

He began crying as he shared, “My wife hates the business! She believes I started the business out of disobedience to God!”

The answer became clear. He needed to close the business.

In Numbers 14 Moses warned the disobedient Israelites when he said, “Why are you disobeying the Lord’s command? This will not succeed!”

If you’re struggling in business, first, determine if you’re being disobedient to God’s call. Then proceed according to the Spirit.

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