Generous Life Devotional - Apr. 24, 2014

Generosity with Sinfulness

Verse: Romans 2:11

For God does not show favoritism.


I know a lot of people have done some terrible things. I am a friend to a man who killed 53 people. I’ve had child molesters over for dinner. I’ve gone fishing with swindlers. What I have enjoyed about these particular people who have sinned so deeply against society, is that they have seen their sin and truly repented of it. They know their nakedness before God and have been fully clothed in the righteousness of Christ.

But there are also sins that have become acceptable to society. Sins such as divorce, adultery, homosexuality, lying, cheating, gluttony... The problem with their acceptance by a society that sees them as less harmful than the sins of murder and molestation is that we also form an acceptance of them in our Christian worldview.

The Apostle, Paul, in Romans Chapter 2, clearly identifies God’s impartiality toward sin. Part of the Lord’s generosity is that all sin, even the sins of our thought lives, become equal at the foot of the Cross and thus, with one payment, the Lamb of God takes away ALL the sins of the world.

I think the internalization of this concept helps us become more understanding of people who, in our minds, are more difficult to love. It helps us see, from within our own context of sinfulness, the complete depravity of man and it releases a love that is so generous toward all who have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I find that within my own heart it creates a supernatural empathy for the struggle and the consequences of a corrupt life. The outcome of this empathy becomes a desire to share the hope that lies in Jesus Christ.

Today’s Challenge:

Do you find that certain “sins” are so shockingly bad and you become so horrified by them, that you cannot see any hope for that person? Maybe it is about someone who has committed a heinous crime or terrorism beyond imagination.

Now picture in your mind those people and what they’ve done. In that same thought, replace their image with yours. Think about what could you hear that would change the direction of your life.

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