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The Joy of Thanks-Living - From His Heart - Week of November 22


"In everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."
1 Thessalonians 5:18

We are heading into the best time of the year – the Thanksgiving/Christmas season.  I just love being with family and friends … enjoying great food, great fellowship, and great football (Go Longhorns!). 
As we enter Thanksgiving, we tend to focus on our blessings and giving thanks for God’s goodness.  While that is certainly a good thing, it is not the best thing.  The best thing is to turn Thanksgiving into Thanks-living.  Regardless of the day or the situation, God wants us to be thankful.  Why is that? 
1.  Thanks-living lets God know you have confidence in Him, no matter how deep the problems or how dire the circumstances.  Thanks is faith turned inside out.              
2.  Thanks-living changes your countenance and disposition.  Instead of being down and discouraged, spreading gloom and despair everywhere you go, you begin to radiate the joy of the Lord.  The best witnesses for Christ are those who are facing life’s trials with a song of thanksgiving on their lips. 
3.  Thanks-living opens the door for God to work.  God hates it when we grumble and gripe ... but He loves it when we praise and give thanks.  As we begin to live a life of thankfulness to God, He begins to work, even through the toughest trials and tests of faith.  Paul and Silas were beaten and thrown into prison … and they sang a hymn of praise to the Lord.  And when they finished singing, the Lord sent a jailhouse rock, and the prison doors were opened.  You mark it down: God does miracles on our behalf when we choose to thank Him and praise Him, even in the deepest, darkest pit.
Let me challenge you as I challenge myself.  Discipline yourself to give thanks in everything.  Thank Him for the mountains … and thank Him for the valleys.  He is worthy of all your thanks and praise. 
A Prayer You May Need to Pray
Dear God, I hate to say it, but I have been guilty of grumbling and griping about all my problems and trials.  I have failed to be thankful and to remember that You are at work in my life, even through all the troubles.  Please forgive me, God.  I want to be a person who keeps my eyes on You and praises You, no matter what may come my way.  So, thank you God for these blessings (name them) and these challenges (name them).  I know You are in control of all things.  I know You love me and work all things together for my good.  I choose to trust You, Lord.  Teach me to be a “praiser” who always finds the good ... and not a complainer who always finds the bad.   In Jesus' name, amen. 

Jeff Schreve

P.S.  Would you let us join you in prayer?  Leave your prayer request on ourPrayerWorks link and allow people from all over the world to pray for you.  You can also receive an email alert when someone does pray for you ... and it is completely anonymous.  Thanks for letting us be a blessing to you.

Jeff Schreve is Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Texarkana, Texas. He and his wife Debbie have been married for over 20 years and are blessed with three wonderful girls. Jeff began From His Heart Ministries, a radio and television ministry, in January of 2005. This ministry is completely listener/viewer supported. It continues only through the faithful and generous gifts of people like you. Pastor Jeff takes no salary from this ministry. All gifts go to further the broadcast.


Pastor Jeff Schreve has preached many messages throughout his ministry, but there are some that seem to resonate with the hearts of people in a unique way. The Real Favorites in this third volume were the most requested messages based on audience response. You'll laugh, cry, be encouraged and convicted as you hear God speak to your heart through Pastor Jeff. May God bless you as you listen.

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