The Mimic - Every Man Ministries - July 25

The Mimic

Satan’s Holy Trinity is the world the flesh and the devil. This unholy trinity is what makes our fight against evil so highly personal and significant. Satan’s knock-off trinity needs our complicity and cooperation with the flesh to be complete. The simplest and most effective way to cut off the pseudo trinity is to listen to the Word instead of the world. Whenever there’s a mortal or relational issue in our lives, we must not listen to the world for direction and so allow the devil wind conditions in our lives to feed our flesh, cut off God’s power in our lives and replace the operation of the true Holy Trinity.

When God’s man understands Satan’s end game, he is less likely to become a pawn in it. Regardless of his spiritual condition no man likes to be knowingly pimped like a common jerk for someone else’s gratification and benefit. Satan, the wannabe God, tried to sell it to Jesus, but he didn’t bite and neither will His men. Satan is defeated but he’s in denial. He grasps at glory by getting man to exalt the world, the flesh and the devil, without reference to God. He accepts his pseudo worship because his character will not allow him to be worshipped for who he really is. Overt Satan worship is just not attractive to the masses. He receives far greater vicarious worship through his servants the world, the flesh and the devil or impact on our thoughts.

This is the context for truly discerning Satan’s activities and all that we’ve been learning about. When we see the true motives and discover them to be ignoble, selfish, narcissistic, we realize something fundamental.

Father, thank you for making me aware of Satan’s cunning through the Holy Spirit and your Word.


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