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Loaves and Fishes - Every Man Ministries - August 17

Loaves and Fishes

When Jesus looked up and saw a great crowd coming toward him, he said to Philip, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat? He asked him only to test his faith, for he already had in his mind what he was going to do.” - John 6:5-6

Jim Muzikowski was neither the most selfless nor sharpest tool on God’s workbench to start with, but Jesus rebuilt him from the inside out. With a rebuilt heart and mind, new insight, new purposes and new plans, thoughts came into a recovering alcoholic’s mind that shocked and excited him.  Nurtured with faith, those great thoughts for God, combined with faithful actions, produced great results that brought great glory to God. It’s so like Jesus to take our little and make more.

Philip gives Jesus a mouthful, the boy give Jesus a sack. Way to go, boys; no gold stars for you today that one goes to the seven year old who saw and heard a need, came to Jesus, and gave what he had. Tell a child he can’t afford something and he comes back holding up his piggy bank. Children don’t know what it cost, they don’t care. They are focused on a solution to a need.

Of such is the kingdom, Jesus said. Jim Muzikowski, the recovering alcoholic got it and so can we. God’s man does not require full knowledge before he starts obeying the Lord’s will, this is called aggressive faith. What’s life without a little risk? With no risk, there is no need for faith.

Father, the more I know of your love for me, the risk seems less. This is awesome!

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