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Future Glory - Every Man Ministries - May 30

Future Glory

God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, - John 3:16

Jesus was rich in sacrifice. He sacrificed His time, energy, and efforts. He sacrificed he comforts of home to connect with people.  He sacrificed recognition of men for reconciliation of men to God. He sacrificed energy to take care of others, trusting that God would replenish Him at the proper time.  He sacrificed His right to get even with His killers. He sacrificed earthy recognition, comfort, approval, pleasures, power, and passions. He did so knowing that His sacrifices were not unnoticed. More, He knew that beyond recognition would be celebration. He knew He was scoring touchdowns for God on earth versus sitting out, loosing yardage, or settling for a field goal.  He was even hungry enough to go all the way, and lay down the costliest sacrifice of all up the altar of others’ free will, and didn’t try to force anyone into heaven.

Conversely, the character of Christ cannot form in the heart of a man who is not willing to sacrifice which shows your love for him.. The key to real sacrifice is believing that the glory of God is more important than anything you are giving up.

God knows that when you are obeying his will, you are trusting in his love for you. God’s requirement for obedience is not for him, it’s for you. He knows—love conquers all.

Thank you Father, I am concentrating everyday on your love for me.

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