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His Banner, My Signal - Encouragement Café - Mar. 10, 2015

His Banner, My Signal

Café Menu for Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Today’s Special is: Jehovah Nissi, The Lord as My Banner

Carefully prepared just for you by your friend, Dawn Mast

Main Ingredient:

Moses built an alter and called it “The Lord is my banner.” He said, "For hands were lifted to the throne of the Lord."

Exodus 17:15-16a NIV


Her words were so effortless, the way she spoke about Him. "I don't know what's in store, but I know the Lord has great things planned for us!"

I was walking out of the arena to get a drink or find the restroom (I don't remember which), and there they were. I almost tripped over them because they were sitting on the stairs where everyone was walking. They were praying together and completely unaware of the busyness of the hallway, because they were talking to the Lord.

The young women and children were rejoicing with everything that was in them. They were waving scarves, flags and banners; and as the worship team played, this group just danced and rejoiced with such joy.

Each one of these people knew God was their banner. Some chose to show His faithfulness through words and others through prayer or physical worship. It was the outward action that made them stand out.

It can be difficult to allow the Lord to be our banner, to show that we are His and that we belong to the body of believers. Sometimes the world doesn't understand when we bow our heads for prayer in a crowed restaurant or why we close our business on Sunday. But the Lord is our banner and He is over us.

In the Old Testament, when raising a banner was mentioned, it got attention. Everyone noticed the banner for the nations (Isaiah 11:12 NIV) or the banner on the bare hilltop (Isaiah 13:2 NIV).

How do we need to get attention for the Lord, or how is the Lord getting our attention?! Being a banner for the Lord is a heavy and holy responsibility. May we be banners that proclaim the goodness of the Lord so that others will want to seek and follow Him.

Take Out:

I sometimes get confused that this is about Him and not me. Ooops!

I am human and I do forget that I need to get people to look to the Lord, not to me. It's not about me! Repeat often! It helps to put my focus on Scripture and see all the places where He has delivered people out of their bondage and sin despite the fact that they thought highly of themselves (David comes to mind.)

Thanking the Lord for being my banner and asking Him how I can be a banner for Him and showing others His goodness is a great place to start.


Father God, thank You for being my banner! I know that means You are my protector, my covering and help. I also know that being a banner is great for getting attention! The word picture in Isaiah 13:2 (NIV) is so powerful that You are a banner on a bare hilltop. I pray that You will be so obvious in my life that You will be like a banner on a bare hilltop. I pray that people will see You so clearly in me. Thank You, Lord for residing in me. Amen.

© 2015 by Dawn Mast. All rights reserved.

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