Dry Hydrant - Encouragement Café - May 11

Dry Hydrant
 By Dawn Mast

For he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things. Psalm 107:9 

Because there are plenty of miles to drive between our house and the school where our 2 younger children attend, I sometimes get very bored so I try to find alternative routes. One day I drove down a new street and was perplexed by a sign hanging on an object by the side of the road. I’m the nosy… ahem… curious type, so I drove a little slower to get a closer look. It was a fire hydrant with the sign “Dry hydrant” on it. That’s perplexing. And not at all helpful in case something catches on fire! 

Then I started thinking about my relationship with Jesus.

Am I sometimes a “dry hydrant”? Do I appear from the outside to be what a Christian should look like (wearing a cross necklace, sitting in a church, praying at mealtimes...)? However, on the inside am I dry and needing to be infused with the Holy Spirit?! Is this quarantine a time of spiritual dryness where I need to spend extra time in Scripture, listen to worship music and go out of my way to encourage others? 

We all have times of spiritual dryness and they can be used for good. If we allow God to speak to us in the stillness He can minister in ways we can’t begin to imagine. It’s easy to fill the boredom with entertainment, activities and noise. However, if we can delight in the stillness of God and be comfortable allowing Him to speak to our hearts He will pour His love over us and remind us of His faithfulness and that He’s with us. 

It’s easy to feel ineffective and dry in a time when we can’t go to church, meet up in our prayer groups and physically attend Bible study. But God has given us creative minds with which to adapt to our present situation. The sudden stillness of the world’s schedules doesn’t mean God has stopped working. He is still here to help us grow close to Him and encounter Him in ways that will leave us anything but “dry”. 

If your spiritual life is feeling parched and you feel forsaken lately, remember that many feel the same way. A few weeks ago the Lord reminded me there were widows from church who must be feeling extra alone. I made baked oatmeal (times 4), bought some Easter Lilies and did some drive by porch blessings. While I felt lifted and loved by God because I was out of the house and helping others, the ladies I blessed felt loved, encouraged, seen and definitely not forgotten. Doing for others is a way to prime the pump (or fill that dry fire hydrant!) in a time of spiritual dryness. 

Lord Jesus, this is a most unusual time for our nation and our world. People are coming together because of sickness and fear and they need hope and encouragement. As they encounter believers, please help them find Living Water for their thirsty souls. If we’re feeling tired, worn to the bone and completely dry, please infuse us with Your spirit so we can go out and serve in Your name. May we help the hurting in a way that blesses You so that no one leaves our presence without seeing Your love. In the Name Above All Names, Jesus, Amen! 

Watch and be encouraged God of Miracles, Chris McClarney

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