Away from Sin - Ed Young Television Devotional - 7/12

Ed Young Television Devotional

Away From Sin

“The Fear of the Lord keeps one away from sin.” -Proverbs 16:6

A healthy fear of God is something that leads us to a relationship with God. In fact, we cannot begin a relationship with God until we first understand what fearing God is all about. Because in that fear, we acknowledge His greatness and His majesty. But fearing God doesn’t come without its benefits. In fact, as we read today, a healthy fear of God actually keeps us away from a life of sin.

When we fear God, we hear God. When we hear God, we fear God. We hear His purpose, His plan, and His direction for our lives. And that leads us towards a life of obedience to Him, and away from a life of disobedience.

Thank God for helping you stay away from a life of sin. Pray for the discipline and discernment to hear Him and to obey Him through a healthy understanding of fear.

To understand what sin is, how it can keep you from God, and what God has done to overcome it, check out this foundational message from Pastor Ed.

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