Which Way to Go - Ed Young Television Devotional - 7/11

Ed Young Television Devotional

Which Way to Go

“Who are those who fear the Lord? He will show them the path they should choose.” -Psalm 25:12

When we have a healthy fear of God, our lives are so much better. It’s a simple reality that is written out for us time and time again in Scripture. In fact, in today’s verse we read very clearly that God will guide those who fear Him.

When we revere God for who He is, stand in awe of what He can do, and tremble before Him simply because of who He is, we find ourselves in the position to be shown the path He has in store for us.

Are you at a crossroads and wondering which direction you should go? Make sure you are starting in the right position before God and that you have a healthy fear of who He is.

Thank God for revealing His path for your life. Pray for continued humility before Him and discernment to see where He is directing your path.

Write down this simple but powerful reminder: The person who fears God the most loves God the best! And remember, it’s not just about cowering in a corner; it’s about kneeling before our great God!

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