Look Up - Ed Young Television Devotional - 2/13

Ed Young Television Devotional

Look Up

“He asked them, ‘What are you discussing together as you walk along?’ They stood still, their faces downcast.” >Luke 24:17


It’s easy to get upside down in life. Relationally, financially, emotionally…we’ve all been there. But we aren’t alone in that reality. The disciples themselves, after Jesus was arrested, crucified, and buried were upside down. Their entire world was upside down. In today’s verse, Jesus had risen from the dead; He had conquered the grave. But the disciples had yet to recognize the reality that the Lord had risen. They were still upside down.

Wherever you are in life, Jesus is with you. You may find yourself in a position you never thought you would be in. You may find yourself upside down. But remember something – Jesus has risen! There’s no need to have your face downcast anymore like the disciples did. Instead, look to Him and allow him to turn your life right side up!


Thank God for His ability to turn your life right side up. Wherever you are, ask Him for the right perspective. And praise Him for being with you today.


Think about a situation in your past where God helped turn your life from upside down to right side up. Use that as something you can tell others about to help them see the power of Jesus in their own lives.

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