Discover the Book - November 13

The Settings For Key Psalms of David's Life

There are almost three thousand biographical portraits in the Bible. In fact, the Bible is the single greatest source of biographical information from antiquity. There are more different individuals from a wider scope of history recorded in God's Word than any other single source in the world.

Most of the lives recorded in the Bible are only mentioned by name, but some are very clearly examined and analyzed by God. Those deeply explained lives give us great reasons to pause and listen to what God may have to say about them. After all He took the time and went to all the effort to capture these portraits for us and then delivered them to us in a forever settled in Heaven book—the Bible.

The Life Most Noticed by God

So, whose life is considered important to God? Well, who did God chose to write more about than any other single person in the whole history of the world? The answer is the young man we are going to meet today.

Please open to Acts 13:22

"And when He had removed him, He raised up for them David as king, to whom also He gave testimony and said, I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My own heart, who will do all My will." NKJV

There are more chapters (141) devoted to the life of David than any other person next to God Himself—in all of His Word. That is a profound truth.

We know more about David's words, thoughts, fears, strengths and weaknesses—than anyone else who has ever lived. And we know about all that from God Himself, and from His perspective. But that's not all. We also know one very important thing for sure—it is God Himself who tells us about David. David was God's man--His heart was after God, and for God. David was serving God as a servant of the Lord for life.

David is the most described man in the Bible for a reason—God has made him our prime Old Testament example of the life of God's servants.

David had a simple life when we see the world of three thousand years ago; and he had a small world by our modern view; but it was also a very hard and lonely world.

The Big Events of David's Life

David's life was carved into the bedrock of God's Word for a wonderful purpose. Through his godly responses in trials, the Lord was giving Divine Truth to help us learn how to overcome our own loneliness.

In fact, the Holy Spirit inspired David to write over thirty psalms that captured how the Lord was his refuge during his greatest struggles.

One common denominator can be traced through each era, and most events, of David's life: David often suffered from intense loneliness. Whether from being the youngest of the boys in a family with all the normal rivalries, jealousies, and troubles as we'll see in I Samuel 16, or from his long work hours far away from anyone else: David spent an immense amount of time alone in the wilderness.

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Originally published November 13, 2020.