Discover the Book - Feb. 20, 2011

Beautiful Women


The other day while standing in one of those endless lines at the super market my eyes caught the following headlines on a newspaper, "World's most beautiful woman hospitalized". Quickly whipping out my cell phone I called Bonnie and immediately knew it was a false story . . .  actually, it was about Elizabeth Taylor married countless times, unhappy, overweight and in ill health. The world probably has no better candidate for that role. But God does. 


Today may I introduce the beautiful woman of God's Word?

Mary, the mother of James and Jesus!


·         Who is presented as the most honored woman in the Bible?


·         Who was chosen out of all the women in the whole world to raise God's Son?


·         Who is the greatest living, breathing example of Proverbs 31 in ordinary everyday life?


·         Without exception who is probably the most beloved and best known woman in the world?



God is very interested in your beauty today. Did you check to see if you were beautiful before you came? Beautiful to God is what I mean!


What Did Mary's Father Teach Her?


So what are some of the ways Heli, father of Mary, may have directed his daughter?


·         Heli encouraged that Mary listened to God.  Luke 1:26-28

·         Heli encouraged that Mary humbled herself before God said yes to God's Grace.    Luke 1:29     

·         Heli encouraged that Mary surrendered to God's will. Luke 1:31-33

·         Heli encouraged that Mary experienced God. Luke 1:34-37

·         Heli encouraged that Mary served God joyfully.  Luke 1:38-45

·         Heli encouraged that Mary immersed herself in the Scriptures. Luke 1:46-55


Mary was a woman about whom all we know in a practical way is that she learned her manners from the Word of God. Sounds like a good idea. If we were to look over her shoulder as she read from the scrolls and listened to God's truth we might learn what made her tick! One thing we can be sure of, as a relative of David and Solomon, she would have read God's Word they were inspired to write.


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Originally published February 20, 2011.