Discover the Book - August 24, 2011


The Millennium: Christ's Return and Reign as the King of Kings

Nothing can ever compare to the return of the King.

Earth again will see its Creator no longer shrouded in the form of a humble servant. Christ's Return is with the blazing glory that slightly glowed from the Mount of Transfiguration, but that on Patmos was as blinding as the Sun in the witness of the Apostle John.

So He comes, powerfully splitting open the skies, majestically descending with the clouds. Before Him nothing can stand, every knee bows, all heads drop, the people of the earth begin to wail and moan. Their worst nightmares are now reality. The One who saw every secret, who heard every thought, and who felt every drop of their venomous hatred is coming, and finally—it’s too late.

The wonderful, merciful Savior has become the Righteous, Awesome Judge. There is no place that His voice is not heard. The Grave shivers, the Demons quake, and the Dragon of Old, that roaring lion named Satan, snarls with seething hatred. His Coming is with:

Perfect Timing

The wonder of Jesus is how long He waits to avenge evil upon the earth. For all of human history since Eden Satan has seemingly triumphed. For thousands of years sin and death have run riotously around the globe, and He waits. 

Jesus left after saying He was coming back as was noted 1,257 times in the Old Testament  and 319 times in the New Testament, now he returns!

Jesus left from the Mt. Of Olives on foot empty handed, He returns to that very spot descending from the skies mounted on a white horse, followed by countless armies clothed in white.

Jesus left in secret, now He returns in blazing glory.

Jesus left with blood stained garments, He returns in shimmering robes of white.

Jesus left still bearing the cuts of a crown of thorns, He returns with the sparkling dazzles of the diadem crown of the King of the Universe.

Jesus left behind His beloved saints going ahead of them alone to Heaven, He returns with the skies filled with His saints all in triumphant procession accompanying their Master, Lord and King.

Jesus left silently worshiped by His disciples, now he returns surrounded by the trumpet blasts of the armies of Heaven, encircled by the shouts of praise of all the redeemed and every eye on planet earth now sees Him.

The climax of all human history is now unfolded in our text (Matthew 24:29-31). The purposes of God long hidden in His eternal counsels are now made clear. Jesus steps back into history, He is no longer the suffering servant, He is Lord of All.

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