Dave's Daily Devo - May 9

Food for the Hungry

Psalm 111

In less than a week I head for Kenya where I will be speaking on Sundays at the Bridge Gospel Ministries and at Karen Baptist Church. During the days in between 250+ pastors are gathering to learn how to more effectively learn, live, and teach others God's redemptive story from Genesis to Revelation.

Some of the men asked if they could just come to the conference, they were willing not to eat during the day. Most of the population lives on less than a dollar a day. Sammy and Zach, the leaders of the conferences, asked if we could help provide one meal a day not just for these men, but also for all those who are attending the conference.

In Psalm 111 one of our Israelite brothers offers praise to the LORD. He uses each letter of the Hebrew alphabet to express the totality of his thanks, and he uses "tet," the ninth letter in the Hebrew alphabet, to begin the word "terep" which means "food" to express one of his twenty-two phrases of praise.

"Food He has given to those who reverence Him. He remembers His covenant forever." - Psalm 111: 5

LORD, I can hardly wait to serve my Kenyan brothers and sisters and we need You to keep Your covenant with us and with them by supplying the food for these two conferences. I know You will provide and I praise You for keeping Your promises.

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