New Life Daily Devotion - July 18, 2009



Finding Real Fulfillment in Turbulent Times

For You, O God, have tested us; You have refined us as silver is refined . . . we went through fire and through water; 
but You brought us out to rich fulfillment. 
Psalms 66:10-12 NKJV

Everywhere we turn, or so it seems, the world promises fulfillment, contentment, and happiness. But the contentment that the world offers is fleeting and incomplete. Thankfully, the fulfillment that God offers is all encompassing and everlasting.

Sometimes, amid the inevitable hustle and bustle of life-here-on-earth, we can forfeit—albeit temporarily—the joy of Christ as we wrestle with the challenges of daily living. Yet God’s Word is clear: fulfillment through Christ is available to all who seek it and claim it. Count yourself among that number. Seek first a personal, transforming relationship with Jesus, and then claim the joy, the fulfillment, and the spiritual abundance that the Shepherd offers His sheep.

We are made for God, and nothing less will really satisfy us. 
Brennan Manning

Find satisfaction in Him who made you, and only then find satisfaction in yourself as part of His creation. 
St. Augustine

We are never more fulfilled than when our longing for God is met by His presence in our lives. 
Billy Graham

Our sense of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment in life increases, no matter what the circumstances, if we are in the center of God’s will. 
Billy Graham

Today’s Prayer 

Dear Lord, when I turn my thoughts and prayers to You, I feel peace and fulfillment. But sometimes, when I am distracted by the busyness of the day, fulfillment seems far away. Today, let me trust Your will, let me follow Your commands, and let me accept Your peace. Amen 


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