Daily Journey - May 21

  • 2022 21 May

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May 21

1 Chronicles 9:10-44, 1 Chronicles 11, Luke 11:14-36

Thought from Today’s Old Testament Passage:

David’s rise to power was assured from the outset by the promises of God (1 Chr. 11:10; compare 1 Sam. 13:14; 15:28; 16:12).... David attracted a growing movement of loyal supporters who helped him attain the throne. Some of the most important of these followers were known as “mighty men.”

These warriors or champions are celebrated for their military victories (2 Sam. 23; 1 Chr. 11), many of which were won after David was crowned king of Israel. But the nucleus of this group came from humble beginnings. When David was fleeing from Saul, renegades from Israelite society began gathering to the young Bethlehemite. Scripture gives three reasons why they found their way to David: distress, debt, and discontent (1 Sam. 22:2). Apparently having nothing to lose, they sided with David, who was also in trouble with the king….

During the days of David’s flight from Saul, he and his followers acted as raiders, attacking Israel’s enemies (1 Sam. 23:5; 27:8–12). These skirmishes served as training exercises for the days ahead. As soon as Saul was dead, David began his ascent to the throne, and his mighty men rose to positions of power along with him. He was crowned king of Judah, and his men followed him to Hebron (2 Sam. 2:3). From there they helped him fight a seven-year civil war with the house of Saul (3:1). Finally, after David had been crowned king over all Israel, his men distinguished themselves by helping him capture Jebus, or Jerusalem, which then became his capital (5:6–10). The mighty men became the nucleus of a very powerful army (5:17–25; 8:1–18).

(Thomas Nelson, Inc., Word in Life Study Bible [computer file], electronic ed., Logos Library System (Nashville: Thomas Nelson), 1997, ©1996)

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