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Daily Journey - March 10

  • 2022 10 Mar

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March 10

Numbers 3, Mark 12:18-37

Thought from Today’s Old Testament Passage:

On pain of death no one but Aaron and his sons was allowed to see or touch the sacred implements within the sanctuary (4:15, 19-20). Instruments for proper handling of these most holy things, and for covering them are here given. The family of Moses and Aaron, the Kohathites, were commissioned to carry them, under the direction of Aaron’s son, Eleazar. The remaining Levitical families were given the less honorable service of caring for the hangings (Gershonites) and the bars and pillars (Merarites). This work was put under the priestly supervision of Aaron’s other son, Ithamar. …

[4:6] Put thereon…badgers’ skins. The ASV uses sealskin, following an Arabic root similar to the Hebrew tahash. An Egyptian cognate root suggests that this refers to a process like tanning rather than to the skin of a special animal. For protection from the elements, these coverings were customarily used over everything. However, it is to be noted that the ark was to have the blue (“violet”) cloth placed over the skins, not under as with the other holy things (vv. 7-10). By such means the ark could be distinguished in the march.

Charles F. Pfeiffer, Everett F. Harrison, eds., The Wycliffe Bible Commentary (Chicago: Moody Press) 1962, p. 117

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