Daily Journey - December 21

  • 2021 21 Dec

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December 21

Esther 5; Revelation 13

Thought from Today's Old Testament Passage:

[Esther 8:9-10] The official letters were now prepared in the same way as those which Haman had sent forth (3:12-15). The date was June 25, 474 B.C., a little over two months after the first decree was issued, allowing more than eight months for the Jews to prepare their defenses… Special emphasis is placed here upon the speed with which Mordecai's letters were sent out, some of them perhaps overtaking those of Haman.

Herodotus wrote: "Nothing mortal travels so fast as these Persian messengers. The entire plan is a Persian invention; and this is the method of it. Along the whole line of road there are men (they say) stationed with horses, in number equal to the number of days which the journey takes, allowing a man and horse to each day; and these men will not be hindered from accomplishing at their best speed the distance which they have to go either by snow, or rain, or heat, or by the darkness of night. The first rider delivers his dispatch to the second, and the second passes it to the third; and so it is borne from hand to hand along the whole line, like the light in the torch-race which the Greeks celebrate to Hephaestus" (8.98).

Charles F. Pfeiffer and Everett F. Harrison, eds., The Wycliffe Bible Commentary (Chicago, Moody Press, 1962), pp. 453, 451.

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