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Daily in Your Presence - May 17

Day 138


"These are
the true words of God."
Revelation 19:9


My child, few things in this life are authentic. Avoid that which is false. Don't hid the real you under a bushel of pride, discontent, or comparison. Learn from Me. I'm the real thing. You cannot see Me in person or hear My voice audibly. You cannot feel the nail prints in My hand as Thomas did. But I am more real than your dearest loved one. When you reach out in faith, I will take your hand. I am always by your side, and always in your heart.

People are always searching for the real thing, the genuine article, the pearl of great price. I, too, looked in vain until I found You, Lord. You are more authentic than the purest diamond, more precious than the costliest pearl. Jesus, You are the true God.


Where else can fellowship be so sweet - than to sit in His presence at Jesus' feet?

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