Daily in Your Presence - July 27

Day 209


"I am your shield, your very great reward."

Genesis 15:1

My child, do you understand all that I have planned for you? Everywhere you look, I have planted My blessings for you. Those who love Me will never be disappointed. Think of life as a treasure hunt, only let your search be for Me. Others look all their lives for meaning and purpose, but at the end of their rainbow there is no pot of gold, only heartache. When you search for Me, you will find great, abundant treasure. I am your very great reward.

Lord, I need no wreaths or victory crowns. My life deserves no praise. You are enough, just to see Your face and to live in Your presence forever. You are my great reward. With thankful adoration, I can share in a royal celebration forever.


To see His face, His smile—a goal worthwhile.

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