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Daily Good News with Alan Wright - October 25, 2016

Shame Off You [Part 2]


Are you ready for some good news?

Christ came to bear your shame – so you don’t have to!

Today’s Text: “And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.” - (Genesis 2:25, ESV)

Shame is a lie from the pit of hell that says: you don’t measure up and, until you do, you can’t be loved and accepted fully. It’s true that we’re all flawed; we’ve all been born in sin. But what is so devilish about shame is that contradicts the whole message of the Gospel.

In Christ, you are accepted utterly, fully and freely. You don’t have to measure up and prove your worth to motivate Christ to die for you. He’s already died for you even though He knew the worst about you! Christ died for the ungodly while we were still in our sin.

Until the Gospel of grace uproots the lies of shame, our souls are tortured with angst. For some, it leads to a life of perfectionism. For others, it leads to a life of rebellion. Either way, the soul knows no real rest.

Families, schools, religions and whole cultures have harnessed the power of shame as an attempt to manipulate or motivate people. Perhaps you grew up in a home that withheld approval – dangled it in front of you like a carrot. No matter how hard you tried, the carrot of acceptance seemed to be moved farther and farther away.

When we feel like we ought to measure up, but we know that we haven’t measured up, it creates anxiety. And anxiety fuels most of our problems.

When we are weary and worried, we are at our worst.

The answer to shame is the liberating force of grace. The unconditional love of God melts away the shame in our souls. But there is also a journey.

For me, like many, the journey to wholeness and freedom is a step-by-step revolution wherein truth replaces wrong belief. The many lies of shame are overthrown by truth one by one and we are set free.

Though the world might be telling you “you ought to be ashamed of yourself,” and “shame on you,” in Christ, God has a completely different message: shame OFF you. And that’s the Gospel!

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Originally published October 25, 2016.