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Daily Disciples - June 22, 2011


June 22

Today’s Reading: Esther 6; Acts 6

Today’s Thoughts: Not to be Passed Over

Jude, a bondservant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James, To those who are called, sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ. Jude 1

The book of Jude is small, containing only 25 verses, and is positioned between the three letters of John (First, Second and Third epistles) and Revelation, the last book of the Bible. Jude writes his letter to the church exhorting them to beware of the false teachers who are corrupting the people. Jude covers much interesting territory in his short letter; he writes of the supernatural realm and the Archangel Michael, and then brings us back into the Old Testament with Enoch, the seventh from Adam. It is a great book, packed with a powerful message to all of us believers today.

Sometimes in Scripture, I think we pass over some of the most powerful words in verses that we take for granted. For example, today's verse is the opening introduction to Jude. It identifies the author as a bondservant of Jesus Christ and a brother of James, and then it addresses the reader. This introductory point can often be overlooked, but I want to focus on how "those" (the reader) are described. "To those who are called, sanctifiedby God the Father, and preservedin Jesus Christ." Those who are called are the first ones addressed. Called means appointed or invited. We have been invited to receive Jesus Christ as Savior. We were appointed for this invitation even before the world was formed (Romans 8:29-30).

Next are those who are sanctified. Sanctified means holy, purified and set apart by God. We are made holy when we receive Jesus as Savior and we are set apart from those who do not believe. Finally, those who are preserved are preserved in Christ. The root of this word in the Greek actually means to watch or keep an eye on. We are being watched and kept an eye on by Jesus Himself. As Christians, we are called for the purposes of God, we are sanctified and set apart by Him for His purposes, and we are preserved by His Son who watches over us and keeps us in His care.

What awesome comfort this verse should bring to all of us today! There is so much to glean from these words. Write it down and really pray over it as to what God is saying to you personally. Maybe you did not know that this verse was written just for you. Take time to study this short book and ask the Lord to teach you His word. And remember, even the introductions are packed with power. Do not skip over any part.

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