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Daily Disciples - April 5

April 5

Today's Reading1 Samuel 1Luke 8:26-56

Today's Thoughts: A Plan for You

So Samuel grew, and the Lord was with him and let none of his words fall to the ground. 1 Samuel 3:19

Before Samuel was born, his mother Hannah prayed for a miracle from God to open her closed womb. She promised the Lord that she would dedicate her baby to Him, and she kept her promise. After Hannah weaned Samuel, she took him to live with Eli the priest, in the house of God. As a child, Samuel began to hear the Lord's voice. He spoke God's words as instructed. As Samuel grew up, he did as the Lord commanded him and was well-known among the people as the Lord's prophet. It is easy to see that God had a clear plan for the life of Samuel, even before he was conceived. And Samuel is seen by some even today as one similar to Moses in his heart and character before God and the people of God. What a blessed life in the Lord!

I used to read this story and be a little envious of Samuel's relationship with God. Samuel was divinely chosen for a specific purpose at a specific time. And he heard the Lord's voice so clearly that he thought it was Eli calling for him (1 Samuel 3:3-10). Then the Lord reminded me that I have even more than Samuel had – I have the Holy Spirit living in me. I have the Word of God written in its entirety. I have the risen Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. What else could I possibly need or want? The issue is not about what I have or do not have in the Lord; the issue is whether or not I live my life like I believe it.

God's Word tells us that He has a plan for our lives. God's Word tells us that He knew us before we were formed in our mothers' wombs. God's Word tells us everything we need to know about who our Lord is, just so we can trust and believe in Him. Before you were born, God saw the entirety of your life, from beginning to end. He is never surprised or caught off guard by your behavior or sins. His desire for each of us is that we grow in Him, that we love Him with all that we are, and that we give Him all that we have. Then, His words will be spoken through us and our lives will unfold His divine purpose, all for His glory. Ask the Lord today to help you find strength and confidence in knowing He has a plan and purpose to bless your life from beginning to end.

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