Dr. Dobson's Parenting Devotional - Apr. 10

Anytime, Anywhere

When I called, you answered me.
Psalm 138:3

One rainy night, I (SMD) was alone and working in the kitchen. I suddenly had a strong urge to pray for my daughter, Danae, who was out with a friend. At first I ignored the impression, but it was so intense that I put down what I was doing and prayed right then for Danae’s safety, calling for a legion of angels to protect her.

A while later, a policeman came to our home and told me that Danae and her friend had been in an accident on a mountain road. The car she was driving had hit a slick mixture of oil and gravel and flipped over, sliding on its top within a few feet of a five-hundred-foot precipice—a sheer drop-off with no guardrail. Both Danae and her friend suffered minor injuries, but neither was seriously hurt. I am so thankful that I heeded that urge to pray—I can still picture those angels, standing wing tip to wing tip, providing a safe guardrail.

The Lord wants us to “pray continually” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). If you or anyone in your family feels even the slightest nudge to pray, I encourage you to set aside what you are doing and start talking to God—anytime, anywhere! The power of prayer is only effective when we use it.

Before you say good night…

  • Are you ready to pray anytime you feel a heavenly nudge?
  • Have you ever felt specifically prompted by God to pray? What happened?
  • Do you understand that “arrow prayers” can be sent without uttering even a word and that they are heard and received in heaven?

Dear Lord, thank You for Your love for us, Your interest in even the small details that make up our days, and Your desire to protect us from harm. Enable us to be ready to heed Your call to prayer, anytime, anywhere. Amen.

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This devotional is taken from Night Light for Parents. Copyright © 2000 by James Dobson, Inc. All rights reservedUsed with permission.


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