Born for It - Week of Oct. 25

Stay Cool
By Mason Betha

Be still and know that I am God…” - Psalm 46:10

People often ask why are Christians spiritually attacked so often. I truly believe that each child of God is an extremely dangerous weapon that is pointed directly at the kingdom of darkness. And the trigger is pulled literally the moment they begin to function in confidence about the Word of God.

This is why the evil enemy of ours does everything in his power to attack our lives. It is worth it to him because his hope is that it distracts us and causes us to fail. So to overcome his plots we must stay cool, confident, and poised toward the Father and His Word.

Most times the victory is right around the corner once we become settled on God’s Word. Our joy must lie in the fact that the Father wants nothing more than to give to us His best. As a result we can rest assure that God is for us even during significant periods of delay. This will keep us from reasoning, reconsidering, or reassigning our faith. After all you’ve been, through don’t you dare think about quitting!  

Good soldier, I’m standing with you. You are not by yourself, so keep the good faith. I have good reasons to believe that you are going to receive your reward (see Galatians 6:9). In the end you will know in great details what God meant when He said “be still and know that I AM GOD!”  Stay cool, trust God, and let Him show you that He is the Great, I Am.

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