Born for It - Week of Nov. 29

Dominion Requires Emotional Mastery
By Mason Betha

And God said… let them have dominion over… -Genesis 1:26

From the very beginning, God had a life of dominion and grace for you and me. The ability to walk in such dominion is the most optimal position for the believer. When dominion arises in and on a believer’s life, he can begin to use his faith to dominate rather than just being delivered. However, mastery over negative emotions is one of the biggest areas where we need to obtain and maintain dominion. 

With this in mind, it is vital that we acknowledge our dominion when we face times of negative emotions. We can then take the necessary actions and make the necessary adjustments to stand in times of pressure and win. When we dominate over negative emotions, we may intercept the plan of the enemy and keep the plan of the Father going strong!

As a young pastor who was making monumental decisions for the future, I had to be aware that there was a devil that wanted to aid in my decision-making. He wanted to try and move me away from God’s plan, purpose, and will for my life. 

The good news is that I am winning this battle today! I started winning when I made up my mind that I am not going to keep allowing feelings of pain, hurt, discouragement, and discontentment to shake my faith.

Therefore, always remember that those negative feelings are Satan’s lies and if we are going to continue to reign on earth through Jesus, we must exercise control over our emotional life. Dominion requires emotional mastery.

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