Born for It - Week of Nov. 22

Perfecting Holiness
By Mason Betha

Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy. - 1 Peter 1:16

Holy is the identity trait of God and it should be the identity trait of the Church. Holiness is how we carry ourselves as believers of the Most High God. With the climate of this world in disarray, it is the perfect time to clean our hands, hearts, and thoughts of all evildoings and plans and set ourselves aside for God’s plan. 

In these last days it is imperative that we keep ourselves free from the trap of unholy living. Holy living is more about us being cleansed of all evil ways that we may become closer to God. We should become so busy in the things of God that we don’t even have time to sin.

There’s an easy way to start living holy: when you stop something that’s not holy living, you must replace it with a purpose that is holy. Yet, if we should so happen to fall, our heavenly Father is faithful and just to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Yes, all of it… every thought, every action, deed, or word. The enemy would love to convince us that because we have not seen some things occur by now that we are finished or that the Father has thrown us away due to some unholy act.

The Father wants to use us as vessels of honor (2 Timothy 2:21). This means that He truly desires to show forth His goodness through us to the world. He also desires to be seen as strong through us by performing miracles that will cause this world to acknowledge the need for Him and His love even more. 

However, He needs you to withdraw from everything that does not please Him. In other words, fall out of love with this world, live for Him, and allow Him to use you for His divine plan. The conviction of holy living will return. Then, many will call upon the name of the Lord and their sins will be washed away. 

Perfect your holiness today!

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