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Born for It - Week of Nov. 1

Published Oct 31, 2011

Be a Doer
By Mason Betha

Be a doer of the Word, and not a hearer only, deceiving your own self. - James 2:16

The Bible gives us several great and fascinating reasons for you and me to obey our heavenly Father and His commands. One is that obedience leads to blessings. With so many desiring to live the blessed life, you would think that more believers would live in obedience to God. After all, that same obedience that leads to blessed life, also leads to a life of favor.  

Deuteronomy clearly states that living the blessed life is based on our obedience to God’s Word. In addition, it says our decision to obey or disobey will play a major in roll in the type of life that even our children encounter.

Talk about motivating! I wonder how many people would take the instructions of the Lord so lightly if they knew that it would affect them, their spouse, and their children? Our obedience to the Father protects us and wards off deception from entering in our spirit. Without deception or disobedience, the blessing will work without fail. 

Sometimes, it can be amazing to see how well a good person can find themselves walking in deception and disobedience. This occurs simply when we do not do the Word that we hear!

With all that believers face on a daily basis, it is crucial that we are doers of the Word. People who are doers of the Word experience a much better life than those who decide to live outside of the Word of God. So keep hearing the Word and then do the Word you hear. Then you can expect favor and blessings to flow freely in your life!

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